Contract Leakage Analysis

During the RFP stage the parties negotiate very hard on the contracts.

However, if these terms are not enforced , then there is loss of profit. Hence we need an easy way to grasp key profit drivers in a contract.

Very often,  the  continuous focus on productivity misses the opportunity to leverage the contractual privileges.

What is Contract Leakage Analysis ? The Contract Leakage analysis identities the key leakage drivers and quantifies the benefits, if these leaks are fixed.


How is it done?  The Pricology  team  brings its AI based tools  to scan the large contracts. It then compares the key deliverable and privileges with  performance reports and invoices

The analysis  is further  validated by interviews from key personnel.

The data is analysed and multiple scenarios are constructed. A communication plan is created to enable a fact based conversation.

How does it help the clients?  The Contract Leakage Analysis is an easy way to boost profits without creating any dislocations in the company.

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