Sales Incentives Design

What gets measured gets done.

This adage is very true in sales. If your product’s value proposition and the market communication is not giving you the requisite results, then you must take a critical look at the sales incentives. 

We need to evaluate whether the sales process and incentives hinder long term profitability and market positioning of the firm.

What is Sales Incentive Design ? The Sales Incentive Design helps clients  with a deep analysis of sales process and customer experience to ensure that the sales incentives are aligned to organisational goals such as brand leadership and price defence. 

How is it done?  The Pricology  team reconstructs the sales process and maps the customer journey. The purpose is to find customer experience touch points and any obvious gaps in them.

Through a workshop, we also identify key organisational goals such as premium positioning or cost leadership. 

The data on current incentive structure is analysed. We are interested in what is practised as opposed to what is aspired for. Any unintended consequences of the existing incentive structure is also flagged at this stage.

All this data is passed to a simulation engine which identifies a set of sales incentive structure that improves the long term profitability of the company. 

How does it help the clients?  The Sales Incentive Design service helps the clients identify the clear link between sales incentives and their goals.

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